Thursday, 9 February 2012

Little Bow Headband

My little girls hair is constantly getting in her eyes, so I decided it's time to do something about it.  This is the fastest knit I've ever done, took less than half an hour to finish it.

For headband (6-12months)
With 4mm needles Cast on 4 sts.
Working in Garter stitch, Knit 123 rows (or number of rows to make it fit your child)
Cast off 4 sts and join ends together.

For centre of bow
Pick up and knit 4 sts from bottom side of headband (preferrably over the join)
Working in stockinette stitch, work 9 rows
Cast off the 4 stitches and join them to the top side off the headband to make a loop for the bow to be pushed through.

Cast on 9 sts
Working in garter stitch, knit 27 rows.
Cast off all 9sts.  Weave in ends and push bow through loop on headband.  When you're happy with the position of the bow, secure bow in place with the ends left from the loop.

Weave in all ends.