Thursday 9 February 2012

Little Bow Headband

My little girls hair is constantly getting in her eyes, so I decided it's time to do something about it.  This is the fastest knit I've ever done, took less than half an hour to finish it.

For headband (6-12months)
With 4mm needles Cast on 4 sts.
Working in Garter stitch, Knit 123 rows (or number of rows to make it fit your child)
Cast off 4 sts and join ends together.

For centre of bow
Pick up and knit 4 sts from bottom side of headband (preferrably over the join)
Working in stockinette stitch, work 9 rows
Cast off the 4 stitches and join them to the top side off the headband to make a loop for the bow to be pushed through.

Cast on 9 sts
Working in garter stitch, knit 27 rows.
Cast off all 9sts.  Weave in ends and push bow through loop on headband.  When you're happy with the position of the bow, secure bow in place with the ends left from the loop.

Weave in all ends.


  1. Adorable...thank you for sharing..!

  2. In the BOW instructions, you have us castng on 9 sts, but after this piece is knit, you have us binding off 27 sts? The pix looks like there are only 9 sts on that piece.

  3. Hi Maegan, you are right it should read cast off 9 sts, sorry. I have amended the pattern now. Thanks for bringing it up. I must still have some baby brain leftover.

  4. If I wear to knit this for a newborn, roughly how many rows would I need to fit a newborn's head? Sorry...I'm clueless about babies :-)

  5. Simple but lovely! Thank you for this, I've just made one for my 7 week old daughter in white & pink, to match her outfit for a wedding we're attending at the weekend :) I measured her head at 38cm, but only knitted to 30cm as you need it to stretch so it doesn't slip down ;) Oh & it only took roughly half hour to make too! I'm going to make her lots more in different colour combos!

  6. I don' t normally make baby items but I have had request at craft shows to do baby items I found your pattern and fell in love with it I hope it is o,k, to sell them?

  7. How many rows would you knit for a newborn?

    1. I measured out 14 inches for a newborn size with a stretchy cotton yarn.

  8. Hi! I included a link to this adorable pattern in a blog post a few years ago. Would you be willing to let me use this photo in the post? I'd give you credit, of course. Thanks!

  9. I am wanting to make this in a fine yarn to meet my DiL's request for a bow that is only about 1/2 inch wide. She showed me what she wanted, but it appeared to be machine made. Can anyone tell me where to find small skeins/balls of lace or light baby weight yarn. I am in the US.